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The artificial human

Is there a logic in all the illogic of the corona crisis - a truth in all the lies? It seems as if everything is pointing towards a universal wound, a common sore or state of mind that automatically triggers this parallel global reflex, step-by-step. Whether Drosten, Merkel, Lauterbach, Macron, Johnson or Biden: They are crusaders in a war that humanity has been secretly waging for a long time and is now going from the cold to the hot phase. The enemy is much bigger than this virus. It is about human nature or the natural human being, about it’s killing and replacing it with an artificial human being. Nature is the real enemy.

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Note: This article ist also available in German.

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, one question has haunted me: Is there logic in all the illogic? A truth in all the lies? Of course, one can find many particular logics from the point of view of a specific interest: the logic of fear, and not only the one created and stirred up from "above", but also that of the natural human fear of illness and death and of being excluded from the social consensus; also the logic of the governments' fear of doing something wrong and going for safety and its transference to the population to be able to rule better ("govern on"); the logic of the media to use disaster scenarios to attract attention and create colossal print runs; the logic of the immeasurable profits of large corporations and the expansion of economic power and the many individual financial interests at play; the logic of the professional careers of scientists, politicians, journalists; the logic of a policy that has gone astray and can no longer go back without admitting its total failure, or that of a broken, over-bureaucratised health system, and much more.

However, all this does not explain the almost worldwide unison dominating Western Europe, and the US observed in this crisis. As important as the power of money may be, the fact that not only individual newspapers or public broadcasting, but practically all print, television and radio media in the entire Western world switch to a pandemic narrative from one day to the next, and that almost all journalists, who otherwise do not shy away from any battle, dutifully join in, cannot be explained by the power of these interests alone. The same applies to the actions of politicians, who, if one excludes the so-called "right-wing populist" parties, all react in the same way. There is only one explanation for this: these interests or the virus itself must hit a common sore point, a wound or state of mind common to all, which quasi automatically triggers this same-step reflex.

When I went to the bakery in the morning on September 1, 2021, there was a sheet of paper printed in old German letters on the counter. I read the headline and got curious: "Psalm 91" it said, and below this heading was the text:

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.
He will save you
from the fowler's snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find shelter;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
You don’t have to be afraid of the terror of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that creeps in the darkness,
nor the plague that rages at midday”.

So that is Heinen's Bakery shop "corona protection concept", I thought and took the paper home with me. When I read the whole text after breakfast and let it work on me, I noticed how a deep calmness arose in me. What was written there was true. In this bakery, no employee wears a mask, and there are no plastic partition walls either. He who rests in God is protected. Not, of course, from being infected with Corona, just as he is not protected from any other kind of illness, a car accident or death, in whatever way it may come. He is saved because he is not identified with this body, this earthly life, the flesh. I don’t know whether this is what the writers of this Psalm or those who prayed it meant or understood. Maybe they understood it literally but that’s the spiritual meaning in it. And it’s another question whether it is still possible for us to rest in God and thus become partakers of this protection.

Our prayer today is different. It is not aimed at God, but at science, in the case of Corona at vaccination. It is vaccination who shall save us "from the fowler's snare and from all ruin, from the pestilence that creeps in the darkness, from the plague that rages at midday". Even the Pope joins in this prayer by being vaccinated publicly and asking all believers to do the same. Salvation is not directed at the soul - even in the church - but only and exclusively at the body, no matter how old and frail it may be. What has to survive is not the eternal but the ephemeral – it should no longer be allowed to perish. Or what else does it mean when 100 years old people are vaccinated, and the whole world applauds, as seen in photos of the first vaccinations and witnessed on television? Has there ever been a vaccination live on TV before?

At Christmas 2020, the light did not emanate from the birth of the divine child and it’s message of eternal life. It came from the discovery of an allegedly protective vaccine, which the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called a "brilliant chess move by humanity", and the German Minister of Education, Science and Research a "triumph of science". The implicit but unequivocal message was: We conquer death. We are only at the beginning, but genetic vaccines' discovery shows it: soon, nobody will die from Corona anymore. Moreover, what applies to this "malicious virus" will apply to all diseases in the not-too-distant future: we will defeat all of them, and we will conquer death too.

I will refrain from a more detailed elaboration about the fact that "we" did not defeat anything and that the vaccinations gradually turn out to be an empty promise. In countries with high vaccination coverage, at least as many vaccinated as unvaccinated are infected, also in relative numbers. Ten months after the vaccination campaign's start, a "booster", so a re-vaccination must be given. That this booster has to be renewed at least every six, perhaps even three months, says everything about the alleged 99-per cent protection we were promised earlier this year and in which almost all the vaccinated still believe. What was sold as scientific truth half a year ago is cashed bit by bit - but very secretely. Anyone who acquires information comprehensively and earnestly on the subject knows this anyway, and others do not want to know.

What is Corona all about?

That morning, something else than resting in God relaxed me deeply: I began to understand what Corona is all about at its core. I suddenly saw the Corona narrative connected with other modern topics that are just as religiously charged and are preached in just the same missionary and irrational way as vaccination: gender, artificial sex, artificial insemination, diversity, anti-sexism, anti-racism. Added to that the rapidly advancing use of algorithms and artificial intelligence and the associated replacement of humans by machines - and not just, as before, human muscle power, the body, but also thinking; the human mind. In the meantime - especially concerning Corona - these machines are empowered to become moral authorities that decide what can and cannot be said. To paraphrase an apocalyptic Pink Floyd title: Welcome to the Machine.

On the sheet of paper with the Psalm was - next to the headline - a small image that I overlooked initially. It was a knight in full armour, kneeling, a sword placed on the floor in front of him, who tilts his head in an attitude of deep devotion - a crusader who dedicates his sword and his life to God to join in the holy war. Then suddenly I realised what it was all about, we are in a holy war! This is not about health and reasonable protection, politics or career, fame, and honour. It is not even about power and money - even if these are all essential motives of the persons, companies, and institutions which are involved in this war – it is all about religion. The war around Corona is a service for God. Whether it is Drosten, Merkel, Lauterbach or Macron, Johnson, or Biden, whether it is this or that newspaper, TV station or other "progressive" media outlet: they are crusaders in a war that humanity secretly wages for a long time now. A war entering from the cold into the hot phase in this very moment, the secret is now coming into the open.

The metaphor of a war against the virus, a phrase that escaped French President Emmanuel Macron and others at the start, is to be taken literally. While there are no shots fired yet, it is not a "hot" war yet, but neither a cold one. It is a hidden, unrecognised war, carried out by entirely different means than ordinary wars. It is also not the war against a virus or a hazardous disease. All this - healthcare, concern for the health system, hunting for economic profit, scientific fame, careerism, the obedient executing of commands - are subjectively guiding motives of the actors, but behind it, something else operates that makes this significant simultaneous move possible.

In the logic of this war, even the most absurd Corona measures suddenly make sense; the seemingly illogical suddenly becomes logical, especially since it is a somewhat unconscious war. In a holy war also the irreconcilableness with which unbelievers are denigrated and excluded, the perversion of science into dogma, the blurring of lies and truth and much more make sense. Whoever fights for God is always right, and whoever is fighting death, is fighting for survival these days is also right - no matter what kind of life that may be.

The question is: who is the enemy in this war, and since it is a "holy" war, a religious war: which God does it serve and who are the crusaders? To answer these questions, one must look beyond Corona. The enemy is much bigger and more manifold than this virus. It is about human nature or natural man, about killing and replacing him with an artificial man. The real enemy is nature – nature that inseparably includes decrepitude and dying; nature that is still much more powerful than we are and has not yet wholly subordinated itself to human will, nature which we do not yet completely control; this nature is the real enemy.

With Corona, you can see it above all because natural immunity does not count. We have to replace it; that is the whole reason for the vaccination narrative: our natural immunisation has to be replaced by an artificial immunity created by man that must be renewed again and again.

  • Although it is demonstrated in research studies that people who were suffering from Covid and have recovered, on average, have a much higher antibody status than the vaccinated, their immunity applies only half a year and has to be "boosted" by a vaccine, which means it has to be replaced by an artificial immunity. (1)

  • Although virus transmission (an "infection") does not usually pose a serious health risk to healthy children and adolescents, there is immense pressure on children and their parents - and soon toddlers - to get vaccinated. This point clearly proves that it is not about immunity but the fact that it is artificially generated. Strengthening natural immunity (through exposure to the virus) should be even prevented by the vaccination of children.

  • Most recently: The new German Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, officially confirmed it on January 5, 2022: "The obligation to vaccinate must come quickly," he said to the editorial network Germany, because "We cannot wait for mandatory vaccination to become superfluous because we have a very have a high rate of infestation among the population".

It cannot be said more clearly: compulsory vaccination is not needed to immunise people against Corona, but it must be enforced immediately because otherwise, there is a danger that vaccinations will become superfluous. After all, people will soon have natural immunity due to infection with Omicron, which is presumably no longer life-threatening, throughout the entire population. This would mean that the project of genetic immunisation would have failed - but only temporarily because on the same day, Biontech-Pfizer reports that they have developed an mRNA vaccine against shingles. However, shingles do not have the potential for a deadly pandemic, so mass vaccination is unlikely to succeed here. A new pandemic would be needed to ensure that.

We see the same in the other issues mentioned, most clearly in the gender debate. The dual-gender, a thoroughly natural element of human life, which we share with all mammals and which is the biological basis of our lives, is imposed with an intellectual construct of countless genders. Accordingly, men and women do not exist as natural conditions. The natural gender, we are told in a constant barrage (which now begins in kindergarten), is not something natural, but something "socially constructed". This assertion is so absurd that it is not worthy of any discussion. Let me just say this: if it were true, gender re-construction would have to be possible through social re-construction and would not require a double-digit number of operations and a lifetime of hormone and medication administration. This debate is also not about the psychological suffering of people who cannot emotionally identify with their physical gender or - that is how it usually is - only partially. Furthermore, this suffering is also partly developmental and part of the general insecurity of puberty. This suffering falls within the sphere of psychology and not of surgery and chemistry. It can be successfully alleviated or entirely resolved without mutilating the body, whereby the person involved becomes a lifelong prisoner of and dependent on medicine. The feeling of imprisonment in a "wrong" body ends up in an absolute and irrevocable lifelong imprisonment in medicine.

This is also about an attack on nature. More precisely: it is about the fact that modern man no longer wants to submit to his nature but wants to subject nature to his will. I determine who and what I am - that is the modern ideology. I am not the one who naturally arose from my parents' union, but the one I want to be. I am the creator of my life. Historian Yuval Noah Harari succeeded in writing an excellent, fact-saturated chronicle about the history of Homo Sapiens with the book "A Brief History of Mankind", which has brought him worldwide fame. Harari calls modern man "Homo Deus", God-Man, because he wants to make himself the creator of life.

Narcissistic injury

For modern humans, especially for the high priests of modernity in the media, it is the greatest possible narcissistic injury that people cannot determine their own lives, as the zeitgeist tells itself, and all of us. We do not determine whether, when, how, by whom and where we are born. We do not decide whether we come to life as a boy or girl, in poverty or wealth, with which skin colour, with a strong and healthy body or a week one, and with which mental capacities. And we do not determine when and how we die. But there is no getting around the fact that we will die at some point. We are still subject to nature, not only to the nature around us but also to the nature within us, the nature that we are.

Corona's sheer impertinence is that we were massively reminded of our mortality, of our naturality at the beginning of the pandemic. The demonstrative vaccination of centenarians, accompanied by loud outcries of triumph in all media that we now defeated the virus (in December 2020), transmitted in every living room, went far beyond Corona. It was a declaration of war to death, to dying: Now we got you, you will get no-one anymore, we will protect even our oldest from you. The result is rather sobering, but like an alcoholic who cannot stand sobriety and takes to the bottle again, nobody wants to see the reality here. Not only are a lot more people suffering from Covid in the vaccination year 2021 than in 2020; also preliminary figures show a considerable increase of not-from-covid excess mortality compared to the previous year.

The vaccination protection level published by the manufacturers, uncritically spread by politics and media, has now slipped from initially almost 100 per cent to partially (depending on the study and population) well below 50. With Omicron, vaccination does hardly work at all. The "vaccination champions" Italy, Spain and Portugal, where almost 100 per cent of adults are fully vaccinated, have the world's highest infection levels, much higher than the previous year when no one was vaccinated yet.

On the stock market, people would have been talking about a crash-of-the-century for a long time. When politicians and scientists now say that this debacle is not an argument against vaccination because it was never about achieving secure protection against infections but only about reducing severe courses of disease and deaths - this is simply a lie. It contradicts all earlier statements and arguments favouring the 2G rule, especially the vaccination of young people up to early childhood. Children and adolescents have virtually no risk of a severe to fatal course of the disease. Unless they are seriously ill, the risk is zero in children.

Which conclusion is made now from this vaccination failure? It’s really mind blowing: Everybody has to be vaccinated, "boosted" for a third time, if not already for the fourth time. This is the logic of carnival jokes or the totally desperate - unless there is something else behind the vaccination story. No one seems to mind that the corona vaccines only work for a few months. Only “maverick" media pose the legitimate question of whether this is a vaccine at all or a gene therapy enforced under the guise of vaccination.

Immunise humans against nature

And behold, it shows clearly that it is not about protecting against Covid disease or health in general. It's about building a dam by technical means against nature to immunise humans against nature. Not that all or even most "actors" are aware of this. It is the transpersonal, objective spirit of our time, which is at work here. It asserts itself unconsciously as we can no longer think or feel different. Everything that comes from nature and does not serve our desires of beautiful or exciting experiences has to be averted if not destroyed. The fact that this spirit has many profiteers ensures that it will prevail at all levels.

Corona is a windfall for those who live and work in this spirit and can achieve economic profit or scientific fame or other ambitions by following it. Now, genetic engineering and "virtual reality" (the term is a contradiction in terms, something is either real or virtual) can prevail on all levels. The human body and the human mind are generated artificially (industrially) in the high-tech future, which means they will be marketed and become commodities. Capital has a vast new investment project. Marc Zuckerberg or his algorithms decide what you think and want, and they deliver it to you immediately. And he does this so well that you do not even notice it and continue to firmly believe that you decide about your life. The renaming of the Facebook corporate group in "META" indicates that a meta-world, hence, a higher world is to be created, resulting in artificial humans living an artificial parallel life that they cannot distinguish from real life.

This seems to be the final countdown from a history beginning as early (or even earlier) as the 8th century with the Christianization of Germanic and Celtic "pagans" and the extinction of their mythical beliefs in the persecution of "witches" and heretics. This then seemed to turn in its apparent opposite with Enlightenment and created modern science that spawned in its wake technology and industry. In this process, wars against disbelievers repeatedly occurred, especially against those who opposed the spirit of materialism and rationalism. It only needed to create a worldwide atmosphere of fear and a closed media front which enhanced that fear and supported all anti corona policies to now blow a whistle for the decisive attack and prepare the ending of being at the mercy of nature.

It is not a coincidence that Bill Gates is a demon for one and the Saviour for the other - it corresponds precisely to the religious character of the corona debate. He is something like the Buddha or Jesus of our time. What Gates wants - to eradicate disease and death, the evils of the world, the scourges of humanity by means of advanced technology - is basically what almost everyone wants. The remarkable thing about him is that he has an immeasurable amount of money and power, is very smart and knows how to best use his powers for the purposes of his vision.

The Buddha was also concerned with how illness, suffering and death can be overcome. Buddha claims that one must realise that the "I", which identifies with the human body, the physical existence, is an illusion. Everything we call "the world" and our I or self is only a temporary manifestation of the one and eternal spirit. He tells us that suffering ends when one realises this. He did not formulate this as a theory or philosophy, or theology. Still, it was, as far as one can gather from the historical testimonies, his personal experience and realisation, his "enlightenment". With Jesus, it is love that leads to overcoming suffering and death. Both spiritual leaders postulate that it is not about physical death - that remains, but it is no longer relevant. When I have recognised in my innermost being that all is spirit ("God") and human life (the world) is only a temporary manifestation of this spirit, which can also be called God or consciousness, death "no longer has a sting", as it says in a German Easter hymn. Then one is free.

Overcoming disease and death

On the other hand, Gates, Zuckerberg and the entire high-tech elite see the technical transformation of man and the creation of an artificial-illusionary ("virtual") existence as the overcoming of illness and death. Eternal life is a virtual one; it will be a technical creation of man. To fit and function in this meta-world, parallel to the creation of virtual reality, man must also be technically renewed and recreated. The human genome, his natural programming and evolution, must be replaced by technical programming. This is what genetic engineering means. The new metaphysics is a META-physics - in contrast to the old spiritual metaphysics, however, thoroughly physical and materialistic and thoroughly spiritless. The fact that this can also be marketed and that capital is thus once again given an almost unlimited opportunity for exploitation provides the project with the necessary drive. Instead of the profits tending to fall and capitalism thus coming to its natural end, as Marx once calculated based on industrial production and national economy, it increases into the immeasurable.

One can speculate a lot about who is behind this process and work through the unedifying alliance of big business, politics and the media - but the crucial point is something else. All these projects, their implementation and their very development would not be possible without a consciousness, a spiritual attitude to life that finds its material expression in these projects. The Western soul, the spirit of the Christian Occident, manifests itself here. It is about something much more profound than being in favour or against; it is about pausing and recognising, becoming aware of this spirit, which is the spirit of all of us. Ask yourself seriously: If tomorrow someone comes along with a new, hardly tested "vaccine" (or a programme with many new "vaccines") and promises that you will have a 90 per cent probability of living to at least 150 years of age and at the same time remain physically at the level of today or even become younger again, if you vaccinate yourself now and then have a "boost" every six months, and that you can then press the reset button again in 50 years and take another 50 or 100 years - what would you do? (2)

The war against nature is our Christian heritage, which, despite the science, all the superficial rationalism and atheism, is only continuing. Man has made Creation his project. Even more: he has made it to the cornerstone of his existence. What God has started, we have to complete. We have indeed abolished God and subjected Him to us in spirit, but He has slipped into us unnoticed in doing so. Instead of being rid of Him, He now rules us from within: We must be like God (3), and the instrument for this is science. With science's help, we create a perfect, technically functioning world. Natural science is not at work with nature as, for example, Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is not an attempt to better adapt to it through its more profound understanding but an attack against it. But it is thus also an attack on the natural human being.

What we are fighting is ourselves

In the attempt to establish a protective wall against nature or aspects of nature we consider dangerous or inadequate, is a serious, in the end, even fatal, thinking error. Nature is not just around us, it is not only outside, but we are nature. That means: What we fight is ourselves. We kill ourselves. Whether this is physical death or not does not matter in the end. When children soon will be "conceived" massively in vitro with an injection and grown in artificial containers; when our immune system will have become accustomed to regular injections and will then be dependent on them like a junkie; when our physical and mental functioning will depend on apparatuses and implants, when the Alexas and Siris sit in our brains and silently give their instructions, which we will follow without noticing that we are following them; and, ultimately, when the vast majority of people think this is a good thing because they are relieved of the annoying and difficult task of thinking - then humanity will be history. Then we may survive, but we will no longer be human beings.

To a crusade and a religion belongs a god to serve. In the case of the God-warriors of the Islamic State, the Taliban and others whom the West regarded as religious warriors and fanatics, it is still the old God whom they call Allah. This has long since become obsolete in our world. Nietzsche declared him dead 150 years ago and was right; this God is dead. But apparently, man cannot live without a god. All the characteristics that were once attributed to the old God are now claimed for man itself by the "enlightened" Western mind: creatorship, omnipotence, overcoming death, even an absolute claim to the truth for science or its governmental interpretation. The fact that this turns the essence of science upside down apparently no longer interests anyone. Scientific theories and findings are always open to doubt and - just like politics - never without alternatives. However, doubt, the basic principle of science, has had its day. Even universities, where once doubting and questioning even the most sacred "truths" has been taught, have become institutions of faith - i.e. churches - on the topics mentioned above. The position of the high priests who proclaimed the truth to the ordinary people has been taken by the journalists of the leading and state media. They also operate the pillory to which all heretics are put.

What is behind it? How did we get there? Let us approach the answer by looking at the beginning of the Corona Crisis in the spring of 2020: it is the fear of death. This fear has made the whole absurd Corona theatre possible in the first place. And this fear has a very, very deep foundation, namely the death of God mentioned above. With the deconstruction of the old religious worldview through Enlightenment and modernity, death has become the absolute antithesis, the destroyer of life. That was not the case earlier because life - or some kind of existence - did not end with death. It was only a transition - nothing beautiful, nothing that one wished for, indeed a painful break that also caused fear because one loses loved ones and does not know what will happen afterwards, but not the absolute end. But that is precisely what it is for modern, “enlightened” people: the unconditional and irrevocable end.

That, according to my thesis, we cannot stand. Maybe a few, but not the masses. We want to live on, whatever the cost. And since there is no other life in the hereafter, it must be in this world. This life, this very body, must not end. And that is precisely where nature stands in our way. From the outside (viruses, diseases, climate change, earthquakes, natural disasters of all kind) as well as from the inside (mortality, even without disease and external violence). Consequently, we have to abolish it. We can only survive, live "forever" as artificial beings, as plastic flowers that never wither, or as virtual copies in a virtual world. The "eternal" life on earth can only be a dead life. On a small scale, the lockdowns have demonstrated this to us: In order not to die, one must stop moving.

If we don't want this, there is only one way: we need a new spirituality, we have to realise that we are not only body but also - even first and foremost - spirit and that life and death are not two but one. There is not one without the other. We are protected when we are aware of this and when we are at home in the Spirit, the Geist. The Psalm speaks the truth.

About the author: Dr Wilfried Nelles, born in 1948, is a psychologist and social scientist and runs the "Nelles Institute for Phenomenological Psychology and Life Integration" in Nettersheim, Eifel and Berlin, together with his son Malte Nelles. Nelles is the author of many books translated into ten languages. In his last two books, "Die Welt, in der wir leben. Das Bewusstsein und der Weg der Seele“ (which will be published in an English translation this summer: “The World in which we live. Consciousness and the Way of the Soul”) and “Also sprach Corona. Die Psychologie einer geistigen Pandemie”, he describes the development of modern consciousness, which he calls "youth consciousness", and the dead-end into which this consciousness leads humanity, and outlines paths that lead beyond it into adult consciousness.


(1) Shortly before the publication of this essay, contrary to all scientific knowledge on immunity after recovery, this time is shortened to three months (in fact, it is only two, since the recovered status only begins one month after infection).

(2) For those who think this is utopia: This is exactly what companies from Google and Amazon are working on with hundreds of researchers and billions of dollars, and they assume that this will be possible in the next two, three or four decades. Perhaps even before then, after all, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg or Musk, or whatever their names may be, still want to get something out of it.

(3) See in detail the forthcoming book by my son Malte Nelles: “Gottes Umzug ins Ich und seine Folgen. Eine Tiefenpsychologie der modernen Menschen“ (God’s Move into the Ego and its Consequences. A Depth Psychology of Modern Man).


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